Should we be eating nuclear Japanese fish?

Australia leads the world in medical research, and for many years our scientists have brought relief to patients suffering from various long term ailments.

We lead in stem cell research and treatment for stomach ulcers as well as a possible break through in cancer treatments.

So who is ordering the latest research into possible medical problems relating to food and long term health dangers?

For example. who instigated the research into drinking three glasses of milk a day will possibly lead to cancer in older age. Recent stories in the news have given warnings about allegedly drinking milk. Also, Australians need to take a daily tablet of vitamin D as we will suffer as we get older from osteoporosis…despite having almost an entire year of daily sunshine.

With so much money donated to medical research, I would pose the question, ‘who decided to research milk’?

Research shows a daily diet of fish would lead to longer life, less problems with alzeimers, and improved digestive systems.

Was this research discovered before the nuclear break down in Japan?

After the nuclear alert, millions of gallons of contamination was leaked into the ocean. As this catastrophe will damage the environment for hundreds of years, why are we still eating fish?

I often wonder why I read the latest medical articles – meat is good, meat is bad, milk is good, now milk is bad, fish is good, fish is bad, drinking alcohol is good, drinking alcohol is bad…it almost makes me want to take up smoking again.

The answer I believe is to stop reading medical reports and always listen to what your granny used to say when you were sick.

She always knew best.

by TOG



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