Science will find a way

How do we assess the present situation of a pandemic disease?

We need to look back and see what the results were of the past. If you look at the plague – it ravaged the world and almost half the population died…could this happen again?

Our greatest weapon are the scientific advantages of today compared with science and medication from yesteryear. We have ventilators, testing kits and the best hospitals to treat patients. The plague lasted more than three years  but there was no chance of a vaccine and it continued until the isolation of the population permitted the disease to weaken.

Today our medical scientists have found cures for many deadly diseases such as smallpox and polio…but we sure need a vaccine to destroy the new virus – with our modern methods, I am sure we will succeed.

Science and medicine will find a cure

Continue to follow the instructions: hygiene, isolate, staying home, keeping a sensible distance from each other, staying away from large crowds, wear a face mask etc. – I know that you all know this, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate.

Travel and huge populations are giving the advantage to all viruses in the present time, but our abilities to find and cure are far more likely to prove the effectiveness of our technology and survive the crisis.

Be safe and stay well.




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