Rubbish Pommie television programmes

I take this opportunity to write to you about the appalling standard of television we receive from the Foxtel UK Channel.

I am of course referring to Eastenders.

How this poorly written drivel can be broadcast to Australian viewers is offensive.

Murders, thieves and villains who walzt in and out of other peoples homes…without keys…who just appear and threaten each other. Stolen babies and crooked doctors…

If this is a reflection of Pommie television, no wonder the UK is in the middle of a big depression. Maybe this is why there have been so many high profile suicides over there.

Television should be entertaining…we want to laugh not cry.

Over the past months we have been subjected to gays kissing on the street and trying to adopt a child. Lately we’ve had a schoolboy admitting to being gay and kissing another boy  in the street. Do you think this a good subject for the youth of Australia?

I know the liberals and do gooders will say you have the choice to turn it off , but they are missing the point.

I don’t want to turn it off !

I want the television Broadcast Authority  to turn it off. They should inform Foxtel to monitor what programmes contain before inflicting on the country. The programme should come with a warning to keep taking your anti-depressant tablets.

If there were porn films and violent gang attacks shown daily, would the do gooders say the sexual deviants and bullies should turn off their TV’s, or would they demand the broadcasters stop the programmes being shown.

by TOG 



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