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Robert Maxwell, Jason Donavan & David Beckham

Singer and actor Jason Donovan is a sweet man, kind and considerate a real man and a good Australian. When untrue stories appeared in a magazine , he decided to sue. Not for money or to damage a magazine he had genuine affection for, but because he was a good husband and father to his children.

He won his case and gave the money to charity.

Robert Maxwell used the legal system to show his power. He sued to ensure anyone who maligned his name would be taken to court. You needed a great deal of money to attack him in the courts.

What about David Beckham, up until now, he has remained cautious in his journey into the legal system.

But beware any man who is defending his rights as a father, and  a wife who has always stood by her man.

Newspapers and magazines have been great supporters of the Beckhams, and they in their turn have sold many extra copies due to  topical and fashionable stories.

Now they have decided to fight back…how true are half the stories we read in todays tabloids.

You need a great deal of money to defend yourself in law against, lies and malicious gossip.

Especially against newspaper publishers and their lawyers. Ask yourself , do you really want to know the secret lives of  celebrities, if it means tears and sadness to their children. Do you want your secrets discussed, even whenuntrue, in the media.

I am glad the Beckhams have decided to fight back, I hope they win and win big… good on you

by Polly Perkins

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