Rich man, poor man

In January you will receive notification of your assets checked against your pension qualification. This means my pension will be stopped. Because of my savings and private pension and my preparations for the future, I will be penalised for being careful.

In the news a politician has been threatened with having his $100,000 pension stopped. Most senior politicians have enormous private pensions. They can afford to have their state pension stopped. But why pick out the ordinary workers who for years go to work and hope for enough funds to see them through?

Budget deficits are not cut by taking cents from the working classes – start at the top. CEO’s, executives, and top business owners making millions.

What is happening to Australia did we vote for communists and capitalists? I don’t believe we voted for the dollars to be pinched from our pockets. How could a vote to cut pensioners income get through the establishment, and why did the men and women we voted for decide to stab us in the back?

Pensioners worked hard, paid taxes and are not responsible for the countries deficit. The very people who voted to take away our money are the ones responsible for losing the country millions of dollars.

Foreign aid…jolly trips at our expense around the world for pollies – mistakes, mistakes, spendthrift building mistakes and bad control of expenses. Oh how Australia is failing its own people.

Let them eat cake while others struggle. Shame on you all in your million dollar houses.

Merry Christmas to all pensioners alike.

by TOG


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