Professor Brown’s talking bulltish

I read an article by Professor Brown on Ozzie News recently and thought what a load of bulltish!

He reminds me of the people who blame all their woes on God. If God wanted to punish us, he wouldn’t need misguided clerics to set up camps to train young men to blow themselves up!

Think of the black death it killed fifty per cent of the population.

After the enormous casualties of World War One, it was followed by a flu epidemic that killed twenty million people. How many more have died of AIDS.

No I don’t think God was punishing us, but would he need the minority of unfortunate holy men to start wars.

Perhaps Professor Brown has forgotten the devoted men and women who dedicate their lives to others by joining the religious communities.

Who gets called out on cold winter nights to comfort the lonely and the dying. Just by holding their hands and listening to their last words. Who visits the sick in hospitals when they have no family close by, and goes into prisons to help but not judge. It is the religious men and women who strengthen our faith in times of peril.

They have a calling, a devotion, a commitment that reminds us of the goodness of man.

We may not all be believers but are able to recognise those genuine people who help us all when needed.

Tell Brown not to forget in Australia we now have our own saint,  and more to come in the future.

By Tog


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