Platitudes and questions

Like everyone at the moment, I have been watching the news programmes.

The UK, USA and Europe are all the same as the world over – news consisting mainly of the virus and repeating the same old nonsense – does anyone think we are only waiting to become a statistic?

The UK has graphs and forecasts of what  may happen, the USA asks questions when all we want to know is answers.

Platitudes by the dozen without any significant information.

Only here in Australia do we get the latest on the Virus but also what is happening across Asia. For months the UK and the USA bombarded us with the troubles in Hong Kong, but is now seldom mentioned.

Yes, there are questions to be answered but our pollies seem to be telling the truth…for once…(did I actually just say that?)

How close are we to finding an antidote…we don’t know. But I do know our scientists are working flat out to find an answer.

Stop the waffling and fake news give us the bad news and what is happening at home and in Asia. In the USA, it is not the news, but how the reporters can turn everything around and attack their President.

Do they know the world is watching them? I am astounded by their lack of unity for the man who is facing the biggest catastrophe of any president to date – shame on them.

Give me the Aussie working together-mate-ship every time.

by TOG


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