Plastic fantastic

Today the entertainment industry is totally obsessed with pseudo stars.

I mean of course plastic hand made entertainers on television or in music.

The Monkees in the sixties were a put together group which made a large amount of money for their manufacturers. Before them the Jacksons and the Osmonds were real families who could compose and sing songs. Since the Monkees we have had many plastic groups who could not play or read music, yet made enormous amounts of cash.

I suppose the master mover of the current period is Simon Cowell.

He is responsible for most if not all the plastic entertainers we see on TV. Surely the first billionaire to be rewarded for lowering standards of real talent. He is a genius for promoting good singers and there is no doubt he can turn an under achiever into a world number one star.

Who can forget the Spice Girls. Posh is the talented one. Realising singing made her famous, but as a designer she would be famous because of her talent and not a manufactured sing-a-long girl.

As a designer she keeps her cash, and the plastic makers can’t dip in her future.

Perhaps Mr Growl will find a new direction and attempt to try innovative ideas for television.

Maybe he should buy Foxtel or Sky and find real stars who actually can read and write and compose music.

Writers of plays and dramas and situation comedies to rival the brilliance of the first years of television.

Do you really want to be at home with Kardashians, or even getting Jerseylicious?

If Growl is the future and cash is the criteria for talent and style, we are destined for disaster.

More Idol ,more got talent, more voice and even more of the same.

We are swamped with mediocrity…please Mr Growl show the money men that we need better programmes.

by TOG


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