Oprah,Julia…take note, ‘happiness is a wife’

The redhead, Julia Gillard, leads the country but is not married. Oprah soon to visit us, also is not married.

Not very good incentives to the rest of us to enjoy wedded bliss. The power and the money drive the few to achieve success,  but at what cost.

Happiness is a wife. A mother who loves, protects and treats our frailties in sickness and in health.

The lover in our secret moments, passionate , true, totally in tune with our inner being, forgiving, someone to laugh and cry with to hope for the future what ever it brings .

The friend always loyal, on our side, and by our side in good times and bad. A companion throughout life.

On holidays, and at christmas, we are never alone.

If you want to be happy get a wife.

To succeed you must prioritise your life, find it difficult to share and not give your time to laughter.

Never trust a friend…keep your enemies close…be  suspicious of anyone not as rich as you, they may be after your wealth not your love. In truth you will be generally unhappy for long periods.

Happiness is a wife. A good wife, I might  have read somewhere is said to be worth more than precious stones, but how can you measure, worth, only in laughter and happiness.

So if you want to be happy, you know what to do.

by TOG


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