One sex marriage and oral sex

The years are drifting by, and I yearn for the joys of yesterday.

We have a government run by an unmarried , childless, unbeliever who needs the support of Greens and Independents to survive.

Is this why we are being asked to give credence to one sex marriages. Because a small minority hold sway in politics.

I have spent the last  few days watching the television. It seems every programme has at least one gay performing for the audience. At four o’clock I switched to Foxtel,  and there in a popular soap were two men kissing.

When I was a lad returning from primary school I was lucky to watch Andy Pandy and he definitely didn’t kiss Teddy.  In those days Films had stars could  express themselves without swearing and sex scenes.

Today its crude and badly written. Can you imagine Trevor Howard dropping his trousers in Brief Encounter. Imagination works better than fiflth. Soon we will have Shakespeares plays at school with modern language and not the peotry of the past.

‘ To be , or not to Fucking be…that is the Fucking question.

Sadly it can only get worse…I did manage to stay up quite late watching the television and about ten o’clock there was a programme on where in the world you would be most likely to get oral sex…Who thought this topic up for a programme..he will almost certainly win a prestigious award.

Was this a tongue in cheek form of comedy, it did’nt make me laugh.

Australia is a Christian country, or perhaps a god fearing country.

How many holy books condone same sex marriages, should minority politicians change laws or should we all have a  say in how the country is run..and who let the crazies out to run the television programmes…if you are interested, the country most likely to blow your mind is allegedly Austria.  I’m off to watch  Gone with the Wind..did Clark Gable really say Damn.

by TOG


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