Not my President – but majority voted Trump

Well of course he is not my President, I am Australian.

But thousands of Americans tweeted ‘he is not my President’. There have also been protesters lining the streets proclaiming ‘he is not my President’.


If the people voted and chose Trump for President, then who are they to condemn the right of the people.

In England there is a divide between upper classes and the workers. The class system has been endemic in England and is seen today .

Example is Brexit – the people voted to leave Europe but still the remainders complain and protest.

In the USA, who are the anti Trump protesters?

Is it a class system with the workers for a change, and the elite against the usurper – or is it the work of the media?

The press, television and all of the polls insisted Clinton would win. All of these polls must have thought all voters were brainwashed…there is a massive backlash from Trump winning.

Trump has won…leave the man alone. He has a very important job to do.

Could I raise a small point of interest – the  media say he has never held office or served in the military. This could be a significant reason for selecting him. He is not part of the establishment and would be more reliant on military high command for intelligence.

On foreign visits, the President has to have translators to help him get his point across. His wife, the First Lady, speaks five languages and can probably converse in even more.

She is also a migrant to the USA and understands the pressures of living a new life in a different country.

In Australia we are all for the under dog. So give the man a chance. It’s time for Americans to all pull together.

by TOG


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