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Life: working class

Have you noticed how your life is changing?

Working all day, travelling backwards and forwards to your place of work. This was your daily routine.

Now, working from home and being in isolation at home. Your time is now taken up with hanging mirrors, painting the skirting boards, laying new carpets and changing taps, to mention a few.

Nowadays there’s so much to do in the house

Suddenly, the house which for years managed to run without your attention has developed a life of its own.

How did you manage to find the time to go to work ,when there has never been so much to do at home? I never had the time before (is my excuse). This holds no water with my wife. What do you think She has been doing all those years? …cook, baby minder, bottle washer – there was never enough time for her to paint the house, service the car, AND do the garden, as well as spoil the life out of me!

It is only in the time of catastrophe that we realise just how much ‘your-partner-in-life’ carries the load while we go to work.

Well, it is time to change – instead of staying at home, I am off to the pub…even if it’s closed…

I will be glad when this interruption to my working life is over.

by TOG

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