Leave our Rupert alone

Eighty-one years old and employing over fifty thousand people.

He runs companies worth billions of dollars, also making millions of dollars each week.

Building from small beginnings in Oz to international  media super companies.

Maybe you don’t understand what the Pollies are saying when they accuse Rupert Murdoch of not being able to be a worthy mogul to run large companies. Well, it’s fear.

Once again they worry Rupert will control every newspaper, radio station and TV station across the world. By the wording of their condemnation they are making sure he cannot take control over the satellite TV stations around the world. Did the News Corp get too big?…Of course it did.

Were mistakes made?…undoubtedly.

Did Rupert try to correct these mistakes when he found out?…well he closed the NOW and admitted he was wrong.

There is more to be done but…is he senile…is he finished…is he too old to make decisions? I don’t think so.

Get and Aussie in a corner and call him names is asking for big trouble.

My advice to UK pollies is, ‘Leave our Rupert alone’.

by TOG


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