Kate needs to kick the gutter press in the balls

Pictures in the press of Prince Williams topless wife have been brushed aside by the press, as only showing their readers what they can see on any beach in Europe.

They will make millions of Euros and of course pay out costs and damages to the Royal family, yet the press continue to poke their tongue out at us all by taking more photographs and invading the privacy of unsuspecting men and women.

Because they make money out of other peoples misfortunes they can afford to ignore the law.

How can we stop this disgusting manipulation of the laws?

Well, to start with, we can stop buying trash magazines and newspapers . Secondly, the lawyers can see that damages reflect the future unhappiness and consequences to a marriage and life of the persons involved.

If we use a past example; Fergie, who was married to a royal prince with two children and a life in society, was exposed by vile photographs. How did the photographs in the press affect her future life?

How did it affect the break-up of her marriage, with her children divided between parents? She also ended up bankrupt and living in another country…hounded by the press…

The differences between Fergie and Kate are far more difficult to assess…apart from the fact that Kate has no children by William.

Topless pictures of a future Queen Of England are much more different from ordinary sunbathers on the coast of France. If we follow the consequences Fergie faced, we could be looking at a divorce, mental breakdown, family-crisis and the damage to the future of the monarchy.

Can the Queen today accept a future queen being shown nearly naked for all to see? Because of internet this is a certainty to happen once Kate is Queen. It will come back to haunt her again and again.

This no Lady Godiva…spying on her should mean having your eyes cut out.

What can we expect from the French courts? Perhaps the guillotine for the editor, proprietor and the cameraman, but will this stop future misery?

I am not a Royalist, and as an Australian, I only agree on giving everyone a fair go. I think this latest cash-grab is grubby.

I hope Kate kicks these snakes in the balls.

by TOG


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