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Julia’s tough, but Harry needs locking up

I know I have expressed my opinion on Julia Gillard and her decisions on Asylum seekers and Carbon taxes.

I disagree with her decisions but you have to admire her toughness.  When you compare her to Tony, it’s like steel and butter.

His interviews are appalling and he lacks the nous to be a leading contender for Prime Minister.

JG starts slowly to answer her critics but her claws in the velvet glove appear, and then it’s time to take cover.

I still think she is wrong on boat people and Carbon tax, but if we ever needed a leader to actually be decisive, well grudgingly, she has my respect.

Also, in the news recently, the story of Prince Harry and his risqué photos in Las Vegas. Personally, I think he is still young and has much to learn. But whoever was supposed to be watching his back needs shooting. In the USA there a number of people who will look to make a buck or two out of celebrity cock ups.

Who took the pictures, who were his new so called buddies and where did the girls come from?

Do you think it was a set up?

Come on Harry, what did you expect from a binge in Vegas?

When will we get the made up story of alleged drugs being available and drunken alleged sex films?

If security is so lax and protection so wayward, can we expect Harry to survive in the real world?

Sorry ma’am, he needs locking up,for his own good.

by TOG

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  1. Who cares about Harry. He’s probably not even Prince Charles’ son anyway. He’s that other fella who Princess Di was having an affair with, maybe.
    And stop saying that Julia Gillard is tough.
    She’s useless and is killing this country, as are the Labor policies.

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