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Judges should be made culpable!

I have raised this question many times.

Who is held responsible when Judges and parole boards make mistakes?

Convicted criminals given lenient sentences by judges. Parole boards releasing criminals back into society. If they go on to commit another violent crime, who takes responsibility and who is punished for the mistakes?

The families who lose or have members raped, killed or injured have no recourse against the judges to claim damages for their loss.

Are the Judges sacked? Are they forced to pay damages to the victims?

Why then has there not been a politician with the guts to change the system?

Why do I bring up this problem again? – the answer is Donald Trump.

Yes, I know we here in Australia are not really interested in what happens in the USA, and hoping the Trump protest movement had run its course – we are bored stiff with the continued news from America.

However, the judge who acted against the Trump order to cease for a time the immigration from six  countries with a history of terrorism, once again reminded me of culpability.

Just imagine if among the thousands of immigrants there were just four terrorists. And just say they set of a number of bombs at the Oscars. There would be massive world wide coverage.

After all the Oscars are seen all around the world, what culpability is there against the judge who reversed a Presidents order? What responsibility has he to the families of the dead and injured?

As for us, here in our beautiful country, there is no penalty for those who put our lives in danger.

Nothing ever changes – let us hope the USA remains safe over the Oscar period.

by TOG


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