Jesus had 2 dads, and he turned out okay

Is Australia a Christian country?

Why do I ask this question, well yesterday a knock at the door, and there stood a young man who asked me if I was a Christian.

Normally I would expect to respond with get off my doorstep, but it was not a Jehovah Witness.

He was erstwhile, young, and giving up his time to travel around and ask questions of Australians. But more importantly he was a good listener. I asked him more questions than he asked me, but I was stumped when he posed the question…

‘Why does Bill Shorten not want the people to decide on gay marriage. Is it because we are a Christian country and he was frightened of the people’s response?’

jesus-had-2-dads-and-he-turned-out-okayI said that Shorten was a politician, and was more concerned with scoring points against the Prime Minister than gay marriage.

But what was this to do with Christian Australia?

Some Christian religions ascribe marriage as a sacrament, and all Christians who read the Bible know that Christ turned water into wine at a marriage feast.

This means God supports marriages, but not between same sexes. There is not opposition to legal unions or the benefits due to gay marriages the same as any other marriage.

Confused, I asked if he was on a crusade for Christ or gay marriage. But he was young, perhaps 25 or 30, and had maybe lost his way during our discussions.

However he returned to the original premise and asked me if Australia was a Christian country and did I think it was right to support gay marriage…or was it more Christian to support gay union.

I replied, ‘It is everyone’s personal choice…but you can’t repress love’

So why was Shorten delaying the process? –  maybe God was not on Shortens side.

The young man said ‘God bless you’ and went happily on his way.

I was nonplussed…had I convinced him or had he convinced me?

Still, Westworld was on TV and there are much more important matters to mull over before Selling Houses starts.