Is Australia the new USA?

The news each day is full of stabbings and shootings and more violence.

The values we inherited from our ancestors are drifting away. Mateship and going to the aid of the underdog are now forgotten dreams.

Fight nights and five against one and kicking a man when he’s down, seem to be fun for the wild men of today. Where does it all come from, this lack of character and out of control fury?

We blame the parents and the lack of school discipline. The helplessness of the police to prosecute minor crimes. The judges who hand down ridiculously small sentencing.

All of these excuses could have value but personally I think its racial. In the USA, their immigration system allows entry from very many different countries. But when they arrive, they clump together to form inner city areas, which soon become ‘no go’ areas. Gangs are formed and soon violence flares up as inter wars take place between different social and racial groups. Mexicans, Cubans, South and Central Americans, African Americans and West Indian and impoverished white Americans. A perfect situation to be exploited by drug dealers and crime lords.

Is this what’s happening here?

Due to more and more arrivals from war torn countries, where violence is an accepted way of life, guns and knives are often the answer to conflict than discussion.

Asian arrivals who  have entered Australia for the past decades tend to stay in their own separate communities, and if conflict arises, it’s usually only a local dispute.

However people from the Yugoslavia break up, have witnessed mass murder and ruthless killings. Similarly with Iran and Afghanistan.

It is so sad for the children brought up in this chilling atmosphere. They learn from an early age that violence  can be  only a footstep away. The fuel for this carnage will be a greater spread of drugs and crime.

In the USA the gangs were the target of a massive police crack down. The gangs are now operating inside all the prisons and are stronger than ever.

We need to learn the lessons from our new world cousins . Stop the rot now before it become too big to control.

Remember our heritage help a mate…don’t let the bullies win…stand together against violent behaviour.

Our new immigrants should learn to be good Australians, and we need to  give them time to understand they are living in a safe place at last.

by TOG


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