How dare FIFA ban the poppy

I know I’m getting old and miserable, but what is wrong with the people who run the governments and the media.

This week the news is about a boy of fourteen taking drugs and the refusal to let soccer players wear the poppy.

We the ordinary people on the planet, see things quite clearly. So why do the media see things differently?

Firstly, what do you think about the Bali boy? Let me say right away, I am disgusted with TV and magazines wanting to give money to a drug addict and his family for his story. The coverage should have asked how did a boy of fourteen get addicted and where did he find the money to buy to buy drugs?

Secondly, how dare FIFA and the European soccer bosses tell players they were not allowed to wear poppies on their shirts. It’s amazing how FIFA with representatives from Spain and South American countries, who did not fight for world freedom, think they can tell the rest what to do !

The poppies represent our remembrance of all those who did fight and give their lives so that we all can live in peace. It’s a disgrace and should not have even been discussed by a bunch of  idiots running world soccer. 

I don’t know about you but I say, let the Balinese deal with drug offenders and tell the media to stop wasting their money.

As for those who have such little respect for the gallant and brave men and women who gave their all in two world wars…I say resign now and never let us hear or see you again.

The poppy reminds us of  the blood, of the good and the brave from countries who could’nt  give a flying fuck about soccer and their bosses.

What is wrong with these people…who employs them…?

by TOG


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