Goodbye Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is making his final speeches on the success of his eight years in office.

Watching his stilted speech, with great long gaps and pauses, is tantamount to watching an actor giving a monologue…before exiting the stage.

He talks well without actually explaining what he is talking about.

He claims exorbitant successes, especially his fight against terrorists. Yet terrorism is stronger today in more countries than they were before he became President.

He reminds me so much of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. He always said what the people wanted to hear, regardless of what was actually happening in the world.

Tony – a nice man who got talked into going to war in Iraq. A mistake that President Barak Obama did not make.

Eight years of not making mistakes, of trying hard not to start wars. He has been a successful, if not dynamic, president.

Keeping a tight rein on the hawks, but maintaining good relationships with most countries around the world.

In hindsight, we will look back on his time in office and say he did a good job.

And after Trump, we will say Barack Obama was the best.

by TOG


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