God help America

US Presidential Race for the White House

As an Australian I am used to politicians being usually simple minded but with good intentions. They don’t usually last long and are then replaced quite quickly.

So it is mind numbing to watch a soap opera called the ‘US Presidential Race for the White House’.

US Presidential Race for the White HouseBack stabbing, dirty tricks, slurs and attacks on their personal lives. Nothing is left out  or indeed allegedly truthful, in their attempts to win at any cost.

Did I say costs? – millions of dollars are thrown away to attract voters to their side.

Supporters are enlisted to add weight to the attacks. Even Mr and Mrs Obama joined in the Trump attack. Mrs Obama says women cannot vote for a man who gropes the ladies – without of course any legal backing.

The husband of Hilary Clinton…Bill’s denial to Americans – he stated I did not have sex with that woman.

Surely the Obamas could look Eastwards to the brutal abductions of young women and children who are sold, raped and killed. Is this not more worthy of action by the Obamas than a sly dig at Trump?

Everyone by now is almost certainly sure that neither of these contenders is worthy to lead the free world for the next four years – can you believe a single word they say?

‘In God we trust’ …but God help America.

Note to self:

Check your emails and delete as soon as possible. Not to worry the FBI are asleep again!




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