Gay adoption: do we change the laws?

Am I a Homophobe? Do I agree with gay adoptions? The answer to both questions is NO.

But I disagree with  minorities who force changes to the law, to which the majority disagree. Do the law makers really believe that Australians want gay adoptions?

It seems to me that years ago homosexuals came out of the cupboard and closed the door quietly. Now its slamming doors and ramming their views into the media at every opportunity.

The gay friends I have are polite, thoughtful, and helpful. Never have they thought to ask for my advice on laws effecting children and adoption. Their private lives  are exactly that…just that private.

The persecution of minorities because of sex and race will always have to be carefully defended in law. But there must be some thought for the majority as well.

If there was a poll tomorrow, how do you think the people would vote? YES or NO to gay adoption. Does this mean gay people shouldn’t be able to adopt. The answer is NO. The question is why should we change laws.

Is it mandatory for all gay people to be able to adopt, under the law, or only those who express a genuine feeling for children and a need to offer a home and comfort and protection to our future citizens.

Understanding and a close look at all individuals who apply would lead us forward slowly, carefully and eventually to a friendly process, without changing the law.

by TOG


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