Egypt and the Bible


I read with interest the professor’s take on Egypt and the Bible. Why is it intellectuals never tell us  all the facts.

The Nazi’s made Jews wear a star and rounded them up, to rid Germany of Jews.  Previously a King of England rounded up Jews, deprived them of their businesses and exiled them from England.  But where did they get their example from?

Yes its back to Egypt that our professor expounds as the great and the fair.

Between 996 and 1021 Al Hakim tore down Christian and Jewish Temples and churches, including the church in Jerusalem.  Non Muslims had to wear special clothes and badges, now where have I heard of that before?

Destroying the church in Jerusalem was one of the reasons for the Crusades, but not the main one of course.

I agree the bishop of Alexandria was present with many other bishops for the implementation of the Christian Creed, which was the early start, derived from the great translations into Greek of the modern bible.  However the Muslim armies used war and terror to extend the influence of the Koran, even fighting Sunni against Shiite.  The Koran preaches peace.  Modern Egypt has a big part to play in peace in the middle east…they have the history to see both sides of the conflict..

They have put a great effort into education and have famous universities. Also much more freedom for woman. Despite some terrible violence, especially against foreigners, Egypt adopts a more open policy towards western countries.

So professor try and get the story, the full story. The good and the bad.

The British arrived in the nineteenth century, and  they tried to bring

Christians and Muslims together. They managed to live in peace for a short time.

The British helped bring industry  and transport to Egypt when it was financially drained.

But every country is entitled to self government, and nobody wants soldiers on the streets of Cairo.

Over the years there have been more slaves in Muslim Egypt, than in the Southern States of the USA. Centuries of slavery have been changed since democracy finally swept through the middle east . Now the time is right for a peaceful period between all peoples and religions. Not slaves but friends.

The conservative Muslims bring a life of perfect peace and prayer and they do not support extreme violence.

Give the Egyptians a chance to bring changes to the modern millennium.


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