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Do you still watch television?

I was fortunate to receive a telephone call yesterday.

It was a request for a TV survey over the phone. Yes, I know you will think it was a ploy to sell me some gadget or device to lose weight or buy gym equipment.

But no ! 

I was asked my opinion on TV programmes.

WHAT JOY…of all the people to ask they chose me. Did I think TV had any programmes worth watching?

It was all I needed to express my utter contempt for todays reality programmes. Not withstanding the drivel about finding homes, selling homes, cooking, gaining weight, losing weight, models and dress making.

We have to have this rubbish repeated time and time again. There is of course some entertainment, but this is of an amateur nature, judged by judges of limited abilities.

Please give us situation comedies we can enjoy. Are there no Only Fools and Horses comedy writers or drama and theatre written for TV?

Where are the singers and comedians who dominated TV for years?

When we get a small sample of quality with superb acting, the series are terminated too soon. As I’ve mentioned before…Doc Martin and New Tricks to name but two.

Do you remember when music was aching with talented groups writing and singing new material every week. Top singers with their own shows. Sunday nights were full of famous gifted entertainers.

Now its wife swap,  location bloody location and biggest bloody loser.


Well thats us…we are the biggest losers. It’s time to turn off the TV programmes and switch to films on DVD’s and listen to music on what ever device has just appeared on the market.

My advice to the phone survey, was to recommend all viewers turn off until we have anything worth watching.

by TOG

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  1. It is obvious that the tv channels must get all their sports content for free or they would not show so muc example you turn on tv to watch the news and you get approximately 10 minutes news (if lucky ) and the rest is sport not everybody is moronic enough to want to watch sport or so called reality tv shows 24 hours a day

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