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Do we really care about those who suffer in war?

Who said the world is going to hell in a hand cart? Who ever it was, they’re getting closer to the truth every day.

War is hell, and when two tribes go to war the result is death and destruction. But in todays world with TV and media coverage, the pictures are disturbing. Yet nothing seems to stop the carnage.

How can we watch women and children being butchered, buried alive, murdered, bombed and yet carry on eating our meals and sleeping in our beds at night.


Russia is the weapon of death, but it’s the world that sits back and watches…day after day as the Russian planes deal pain and suffering to ordinary people.

Syrians who can only throw stones at the planes high in the sky, and wait in their homes for the bombs to drop.

Assad and Putin prolong the pain – can they not see communication between all combatants will lead to peace.

Eight years of Obama has been eight years of doing nothing…will Trump be any better?

Standing on the sidelines are the Arab countries, the European countries and the rest of the world. When two tribes go to war the only end result is death – how long must this war go on, before we learn to turn our backs on suffering and pretend it will go away?

Does it really concern us, or not…who will be next, and will the world turn their backs again?

Shame on Assad and Putin, and shame on the rest of us.

Well done to the brave reporters and cameramen who bring us such terrible stories each day and risk their lives so that we can look the other way.

History is being made every day in the Middle East, and many children will not survive to see this terrible history being made.

Is every war our war?

The bravest people throughout this war are the staff of Medicine Sans Frontiers. In the midst of the bombing, their doctors and nurses tend the injured and save as many lives as possible – heroes every one.

They need our support – Mr Turnbull over to you.

by TOG

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