Cancer – a personal view

Over the past months or even years I have been a secret over-looker of what it’s like to  have a loved one with cancer. 

Together we went through all the treatments.

The highs and lows, the happy and sad times.

To me it seemed that no one had enough detailed knowledge, or perhaps the wisdom, to set the minds of the patients at ease.

Hospitals are a place to stay away from as much as possible.

Nurses are angels and I cannot express my thanks to them for their kindness, consideration and thoughtfulness, as they look after the long time critically ill patients. Patients are people to nurses.

To doctors, patients are an illness to treat…they see the disease and not the person.

Don’t get the impression that there are not a plethora of back up people for cancer patients to see and get support from.

There are a great many support teams but when you have cancer, you tend to become insular. There is a feeling of isolation, and a time of waiting for what happens next.

You rely on the doctors for information and they look at you as layman without enough understanding of the procedures or technical words. Some will keep giving you tests of all kinds…even when you are so weak you cannot stand. Others understand your fears and try to give you confidence in their abilities.

I have seen so many brave cancer patients. They manage to maintain such a positive attitude that I am sure helps them to get through each day.

Nowadays, many cancers can be cured, and remission can last for more than ten years.

Cancer is a frightening word…another is tumours. But after a while you accept that maybe the words are just words, and you can survive.

“I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”, how true that is. Family and friends are worth a thousand drugs.

If I had a wish it would be for our leaders to increase the budgets and employ thousands more nurses and pay them what they are worth.

What have I learned over the past years…cancer patients have courage…they are so brave and deserving of our love and care.

God bless them all.

by TOG


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