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Are we de-humanised by the horrors of the world?

A programme I watched on television reported hundreds of birds and fish dropping down dead for no apparent reason.

They posed the question is this the beginning of the apocalypse?

I was amazed at the question – are they being serious?


79000 people missing in Columbia, thousands missing in Argentina, millions missing, displaced, killed and injured in Syria. Add to that Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, China and a great many African countries who have missing and dead without number.

Are our senses so dulled?  Do we accept de humanisation on such a scale, without at least seeking some form of investigation? Does the UN think because only the powerful on the security council sit idly by, the rest of the world can go to hell in a hand cart?

Who should we hold responsible for this carnage?  Who should be changing the way of the world?

Finally, why does Shorten feel disrupting the plebiscite on gay marriage is more important to him? Shouldn’t world peace and the protection of the weak be a better cause for him to pursue?

The answer is politics…it is easier to gain TV coverage and self promotion in a political field than try to address the serious problems in the world today.

Shorten is just an example. It is politics that rules in every nation of the world, not the people. The people hate to see death, abduction displacement and injuries to men women and children.

But as with Shorten and the presidential election, TV coverage is on the trivia and not the detail.

Shame on us all.

by TOG

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