Are our children safe?

It is with sadness I have to repeat my absolute sickness with todays judiciary.

Once again a top judge has decided to release into our community a dangerous child molester.

Despite being given a long sentence a judge has decided for his own known reasons to let this scum out in our cities. You can be sure this molester will not be seen in the local areas where the judge resides.

I have raised this issue before, when our judges and their back up teams of do-gooders released previous offenders. I made the point that someone should be held accountable for their decisions. The heavy responsibility of setting free felons who pray upon our children must be equated with penalties if the felon re-offends.

Send the judges and all of their so called professional and medical advisors, to prison to complete the molesters full sentence. Make them culpable .

Child molesters will not be a danger to senile old judges, OR medical mumbo-jumbo duffers who make the decision to free the villains. But they should be in danger from us the ordinary people who have to live with their insane and obscene decisions.

We should insist our pollies bring in laws to have stiff penalties and repercussions to be implemented against those who are responsible for making the stupid decisions to free anyone who harms children.

I hope you will use the comments section to give your opinion on our law-makers, or write to your own local politicians.

by TOG


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