All is not well in Spain

A sad tale from Spain this week, about a young couple and their friends.

It seems Juan who is married to Angelina was having an affair with Juliana. Angelina came home early one day and caught them in a tryst. That’s not a Spanish word for a bed.

Rushing away, Angelina went to inform Juliana’s husband of the affair.

Juliana’s husband, Esteban, was heartbroken. And only after consoling Angelina two or three times that day, phoned Juliana to inform her of his afternoon dalliance.

Juliana decided to go and inform her friend Maria of her predicament. Maria wasn’t home, so it was to her young attractive father that Juliana told her sad tale.

He was most upset and spent the rest of the day consoling Angelina two or three times.

The families called in the local priest to counsel the wayward couples. Unfortunately he ran off with Maria to live in Madrid.

Esteban decided to take matters into his own hands. Now Juan has a black eye and a truss.

Now the story is wanted by Hollywood producers to make a romantic film. But the Spanish government has made threats because it may damage their tourist industry.

The producers said they would switch the story to Mexico, but the Mexican government lobbied the US state department, accusing them of racism.

Now the story will be set in Seattle and will be about same sex marriages in Canada.

Meanwhile in Seville, the story has gained some notoriety. So much so, that bookings in the local hotels has increased by 100 per cent.

Angelina and Juliana have told their story on Facebook, and with over two million hits, are soon to be releasing a book.

With the profits from the book and the film, they are setting up a commune in Seattle .

Modern life today is full of surprises…and hernias.

by TOG


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