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Advance Australia, or are we going backwards

About thirty years ago I enjoyed the free spirit of Australia. People spoke up and had their say.

They did the right thing, they all pulled together and were not lazy.

How far have we advanced today?

A beautiful, pre-school, primary school close to where I live has lovely grounds and a sports field. Unfortunately each morning before school begins the greens are used as public toilets by dog walkers. Despite repeated warnings and notices put up by the school, these thoughtless idiots continue to befoul the play areas.

Children during recess, play, chase and kick balls among the excretia left by dog owners who could not give a damn  for our youth of tomorrow.

Litter carelessly thrown away, in years gone by would have provoked a response from our peers

“Have you lost something mate”, today there is apathy.

Supermarkets in Europe you need a Euro to borrow a trolley, and the Euro is returned when you return the trolley. Years ago  everyone on their own iniative would return the trolley to the parking space provided. Today trolleys are abandoned at will.

Have we advanced over the years, or are we now, uncaring, louts who have become lazy?

Is it too much effort to care about the mess we make, or to spend just a few moments thinking about helping a fellow Australian, who may want a trolley or a place for his children to play safely.

Advance, the only advance I see is towards bone idle, scruffy, uncaring, smelly, thoughtless individuals who years ago would have disgraced the name of Australians.

Pull your socks up, and respect our country.

by TOG

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