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Above the Law?


Fires in Parliament Square, flames surround Big Ben, attacks on the Prince of Wales and  the  Duchess of Cornwall. This could be arson, or treason, a threat to the monarchy.

No, its students, and as we all know they are above the law.

They say its the fault of MPs, they give a plethora of reasons, not excuses for the crimes  committed. Yes for you and me they are crimes. You and I would be arrested and sentenced…we would be criminals, but we are not students.

Going to university, receiving the chance of a better way of life, a chance to be among the higher wage earners in society, and of course, freedom from prosecution for criminal acts.

They say it is tough going, hard work, and living on a low income.

Prison is full of people who had a tough start in life, if only they had been students they would be able to explain why they committed crimes, and we would let them off with a sigh.

Do I care about the royalty…no. Do I care about students grants…no. Do I care about burning down London…no.

So why am I complaining? Its because those bloody students get away with time and time again…I say send them all to jail they will get a better education.

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