Try these manipulative love spells

Want someone to fall for you?


Try these three little tricks. Yes, it involves shameless manipulation, but it’s not black magic and won’t force someone to fall in love with you against their will. However, it will nudge the odds in your favour.

Hang around: The more you interact with someone, the more they’ll like you (unless you are a complete dickhead). Forget about playing it cool. At the start, you’re better off finding excuses to spend time with them.

Then be available: Just when you think you’ve won them over, now’s the time to start being a little less available. And then even less, until they hardly see you at all. This is called, “The Law Of Scarcity”. People want what they can’t have.

Let them do nice things for you: It makes them feel pleased and extra warm to the person they’ve spoiled. To justify the effort or expense, they often idealise how wonderful we are to deserve it.

by Susan Floyd


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