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The wonderful world of sex

Here are some sexy things scientists discovered last year.

1. Why beer goggles work: Faces that are symmetrical are thought to be the most attractive and alcohol interferes with our ability to detect lopsidedness.

2. Wear red if you want to pull a girl: Research shows women find men wearing red to be more sexually desirable. Red signals rank in virtually all cultures.

3. Go out when you’re ovulating if you want to pull a guy: A T-shirt smelling experiment proved women emit their most sexually intoxicating odour during this time.

4. Frogs sing during sex: The rhythmic click calls of the females are such a turn-on to male frogs, they move back and forth in time whenever they hear it.

5. Fish were the first creatures to have sex: Fossils of extinct fish found in Western Australia suggest sexual intercourse began as early as 410 million years ago.

by Susan Floyd

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