The myth and reality about relationships

Certain ‘truisms’ about relationships are still kicking around. But what’s actually true and what has been proved as rubbish.

Myth: You should forgive and forget

Reality: By all means forget…but not straight away. Research shows if you forgive too quickly, your partner has no motivation to stop doing whatever it was they did.

Myth: Arguing is bad for your relationship.

Reality: Not arguing can be worse if one of you is keeping quiet about things, simply to keep the peace. That’s actually more important than the frequency of arguing is how quickly you make up. The quicker you recover from conflict, the happier you’ll be.

Myth: Settling down makes you feel fat.

Reality: True! The average person piles on 10 kilos in the first year of a relationship. And couple are likelly to gain 20 kilos each after 10 years together. But only some of it is because we let ourselves go. The rest is because couple’s activities tend to focus more around food than singles.

by Susan Floyd


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