Teenage depression is on the up

Almost a million Aussie teengers are suffering from depression.

Twice as many girls as boys are depressed…with almost a third of teenage girls saying they are depressed all of the time. But to be fair, when young girls are growing up, and hormones are all over the place, they are going to say that they’re depressed. Especially if a stupid researcher asks the question. Most teenagers will say to get a rise out of it.

Having said that, it is true that ‘teen angst’ is on the rise and there are more teenagers saying that they’re unhappy.

I don’t know why. Because a lot of parents actually own their own house, so when they die, these teenagers are going to inherit a home. lso, they will never get the cane at school, like anyone over the age of thirty-six used to…or the slipper, ruler, etc., etc.

You can watch all the sport you want, download all the music you want, play all the latest computer games that you want.

Also, our beatiful country is probably, if not THE best place to live in the world…so why be depressed?

by Susan Floyd


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