Sexy lingerie for the over 50’s

Women of a certain age can throw out the granny knickers thanks to a new lingerie range aimed at the over 50’s.

Iconic undie-makers Playtex are relaunching next week to give a boost to older women who want to stay abreast of the latest fashion.

Bosses spent two years talking to hundreds of women who said there was nothing on the High Street to suit their needs.

Apparently, women over 50 make up half of the total bra expenditure, and are refusing to settle for ‘hammock’ bras and ‘parachute’ knickers.

Retailers claim that sales of sexy lingerie among ladies in their 50’s are soaring. And let’s face it, 50 is yesterdays 30.

Playtex first launched in the 1950’s, selling 12,000 girdles every week.

by Susan Floyd


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