Sexual fantasies keep women alive

When I am not out slutting it up or being a slut, I tend to spend my evenings alone watching TV, reading books and, to relieve a little stress, playing out some super sexy scenarios in my head.

I crawl into bed, get under the covers with my favorite toy and imagine myself in the place I’d rather be…the man I’d rather be with.

I find sexual fantasies to be both extremely liberating and enlightening. By opening myself up to any possibility, mostly things I would never do in the flesh.

I learn a lot about myself and what turns me on. I can act out entire scenarios in my head and prepare myself for new situations that may arise sometime down the road. And, of course, I get to do something a little naughty with people I would never have the opportunity to be with in real life.

Like the dad of the kids I baby-sit for. I know that fantasy is as cliché as they come, but there is something so sexy and forbidden about that bond between babysitter and dad. He is sexy, smart, funny, and adorable with his kids. I know it’s so wrong, but I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have him drive me home, kiss me, then take advantage of me in the back of his Mercedes.

Or my Psych professor. Real original, I know, but as over-done as this scenario is, it doesn’t make wild sex during office hours any less tempting. Or sneaking him into my sorority house for an afternoon siesta any less dangerous and totally hot. The fact that it is so off limits only makes me want it more.

My fantasies are always about people I cannot be with, in places I cannot go, but knowing how much I enjoy them in my head, I have really started to branch out and try new things. No, I am not going to try and seduce some married men, but allowing myself to open up and imagine new things has made me realize just what turns me on. And it makes the real thing so much better.

I think lots of women are embarrassed by their deep, dark fantasies and therefore do not discuss, or even entertain them.

If you fall into that category, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Take some time to really think about it… you will definitely enjoy the results.

by Susan Floyd


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