Sex yourself up and reap the rewards

Any woman worth her salt knows she’s supposed to wear matching underwear — but the truth is that most of us are more Bridget Jones than Brigitte Bardot when it comes to lingerie.

There is hope for us yet, though, since a recent poll suggests women are making more of an effort. One boutique has reported a 35  per cent rise in corset sales in the last year, while eBay has seen an 826  per cent rise in the sale of basques.

So which of us leaves the house laced into a corset every morning? And who’d say ‘knickers’ to anything other than big control pants?

Some women wear jeans and T-shirts or  jumpers but make an effort with underwear, and usually like to wear sexy matching sets in black, red or another vibrant colour — it’s part of who you are.

Taking pride in your underwear is important: it feels like something personal that’s just between you and your partner. When he comes home from work and you’re wearing scruffy jeans, your other half will raise an eyebrow if they get a peak of a sexy bra strap. They may possibly give you a kiss…and maybe more than a cuddle.

It can still feel really special…even if you’ve been together for a long time…and it’s great you can still have that effect on your man, even after children, because you can lose a lot of confidence in yourself and in your body as you get older, so wearing nice underwear is something that can and will give you a boost.

There’s something about new underwear, and showing it to your special person. 

You can have many themes or looks from look vampish, showing cleavage and wearing plunging necklines…and don’t be afraid to wear bright colours such as yellow or tomato-red.

Underneath it’s a different story, though. People might wear a sexy black or red basque but you can also wear control pants with a plain white bra. 

Whereas Bridget Jones-style pants might not be the sexiest item of clothing, they hold everything in and give a nice line. So you sometimes wouldn’t be able to wear clingy, sexy  fabrics without them…and they would and do help you feel confident in how you look.

One partner (no, not you Buford…you only wanted me wearing a hat made out of racoon skin…remember?) loved my control underwear, though. He said that it gave me a fantastic figure and accentuated my bust.’

You can look professional on the outside — pencil skirts, high heels and blouses — and it doesn’t matter if your underwear is always mismatched.  If you work long hours you need to be comfortable.

On a date, do try to wear matching underwear. There might be occasions when you forget, but if your partner loves you and you underwear is sexy…then it won’t matter.

It also doesn’t matter how old you are. Sometimes spend the whole day walking around the house in your sexy underwear.

If you make an effort…then so will your partner.

by Susan Floyd


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