Physical attraction is an instinct we can’t ignore

Being physically attracted to someone is a common human emotion for all those who have gone through puberty.

It is an urge that cannot be helped as the very nature of our bodies is to find an exceptional mate and create prosperous children. This desire is inherent in all sexually reproductive creatures. Since the ability and even necessity of being attracted to a member of the opposite sex is so vital to the procreation of a species, it generally is an almost uncontrollable sensation that human beings at least have to moderate because of the way our societies operate. However, just because a person knows that it is proper to not club a member of the opposite sex and drag them into a dark corner does not mean that the animalistic instincts in his or her brain chemistry is not imagining that scenario on some level. Our bodies have developed ways to reveal these basic desires though even if we do not verbally indicate them since these primal chemical reactions have strong effects on many different parts of our physical forms. These reactions go mostly unnoticed by ourselves and those around us though unless you know where to look and what to look for. Here are some of the ways our outward form gives away our physical attraction to someone else. Keep your eyes peeled from now on! Yet, just keep in mind that these happenings are generally a chain reaction, comprised as a group of symptoms, and if you just see one of them alone without any of the others then it does not exactly count as physical attraction and merely indicates other emotional states or interaction between the body and elements of the environment (medication, alcohol, allergies, etc).

EYES – The eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul, and this age old saying has its truth in reality, particularly when speaking of physical attraction to another person. Prolonged eye contact is a generally accepted indicator of attraction but the biochemical reaction behind this activity is what truly makes looking into the eyes of another worthwhile. If a person is physically attracted to you, pay close attention to his or her pupils. Pupil size varies depending on the light of the environment (smaller in bright light and larger in dark light) but when a person’s pupils are larger than those of others in the same light it means they enjoy looking at (attracted to) whatever is within their gaze as their pupil grows to take in more of what they like. Also, their eyes will appear to be more shiny or even slightly watery as their eyes will increase tear production to basically “clean off” their eye of any residue and to draw in even more light to their eyes to get a better view of the object of their attraction. The extra moisture also causes light to bounce off their own eyes more to create “shimmering eyes” that can help in making the person seem more attractive to the person they are looking at in the first place to create a kind of feedback system.

FACE – Since aspects of the face are one of the primary things we look at when assessing the beauty of a potential mate, signals within the face itself can prove to be very helpful once a person decides the attractive factor of the other person as someone who is attracted to a person within their view will reflect that desire in their own face. In order to “invite” someone closer, a person will instinctively “open” features of their face with the automatic feelings of attraction pulsing through their veins. Many aspects of the face are manipulated in this attempt to be “open” including slightly parted lips, more widened eyes (even to the point of slightly raised eyebrows or even a momentary eyebrow quirk), and unconsciously flared nostrils from the process of holding one’s breath. The several combined aspects of a face in the height of attraction are supposed to act as a subconscious invitation to the other person without having to use words or being too close. Also, the lips in particular act as secret signals of their own. The fact that lips tend to be very sensitive mean they are very open to the influx of hormones secreted when a person feels physical attraction which makes the lips become more red just under their first layer of skin because of the increased blood flow if a person is attracted to someone to whom they are looking at or talking to. The lips can be useful again as a person unconsciously draws attention to his or her mouth when attracted to someone else through touching of the lips, biting the lips, licking of the lips, or putting something near the mouth to play with, such as a necklace or drink.

FEET & LEGS – Even though most physical attraction is generally based on a quick, general overview then a more detailed look at the face (or at least the waist and upward), the movement and positioning of a person’s feet and legs can actually prove rather helpful when seeing if he or she is attracted to you. Since these limbs are so basic in holding us upright and keeping us steady (whether on our feet or off them), their movements tend to be more instinctual and move under more signals of our subconscious than our other body parts. The feet and legs of a person attracted to you will tend to point toward you and constantly be fiddling or moving (by crossing or uncrossing). The crossing and uncrossing of a woman’s legs certainly acts as an indicator of attraction as it is a way to inadvertently draw attention to her groin and her legs. The idea of attraction to you becomes even more clear when the woman couples the movements with a repositioning of clothing on the lower half of her body—generally as a way to show more skin. Since men have a habit of not really sitting with their legs crossed anyway, their signals to draw attention to their groin area becomes a bit more creative whereby they tuck their fingers into their belt loops or sit back in a relaxed posture with their legs casually left open in a direction toward the object of their attraction.

FLIRTING – Most people know that light touching or reaching out to gently press a hand or fingers to another person is a common flirting technique. Such seemingly innocent physical contact is an easy way to indicate an eagerness for physical contact with another person. However, this idea of touch can also be reversed onto themselves. Fidgeting or preening oneself is an indicator of physical attraction when done in close proximity to another person whom one finds attractive as it helps to keep the other person’s eyes on them as they move. Rhythmically rubbing oneself (such as the rubbing of arms or the side of the neck) is also a sign of desire for physical contact since attraction tends to increase blood flow to the nerve endings in the skin (the same mechanics behind a blushing face) and the person wishes any type of touching even if just from themselves in hope of the other person reaching out to stimulate the fun and warm fuzzy feelings from physical attraction.

by Susan Floyd


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