More Australians are loving sex as they get older

Older Australians are getting more sex than researchers suspected, says a survey showing about a third of men and women do it more than once a week.

Australian statistics from a global sex study have given a rare scientific glimpse of the sexual habits of people aged 40 to 80.

It shows 83 per cent of men and 74 per cent of women in the age group have had sex in the past year.

But the lead Australian researcher, renowned sex therapist Dr Rosie King, says that it’s even more significant how many are having a lot of sex.

“We found 38 per cent of mature men and 29 per cent of mature women were having sex more than once a week,” Dr King said.

“That’s a significant amount of older men and women having a lot of sex, perhaps more than many of us suspected.”

Dr King said the results, published in the CSIRO journal Sexual Health, were “exciting” because most of the 1500 participants were in long-term relationships.


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