Men need to be told about their filthy habits

There could be numerous reasons why a man might want to be informed about the filthy habits he is guilty of.

Perhaps he wants to know for health and hygienic purposes, or maybe he is in the process of impressing a new lady-friend and doesn’t wish to repulse her upon the start of a potential relationship.

Whatever the case may be, the elimination of filthy habits is a great form of self-improvement that can be appreciated by your family and friends around you. Here are some common things that most men should be on the lookout for:

1. Smoking

While this might not be considered the filthiest habit by some, it should be considered the deadliest. Although women are guilty of this habit as well, numerous studies have shown that men are more likely to smoke between the two sexes. Here are a couple of reasons why smoking should be considered a filthy habit:

  • Cigarettes leave a stale smell on your clothes, in your car, on your nails, in your hair and just about every type of fabric you can think of.
  • Your breath reeks after smoking.
  • They stain your teeth.
  • The ashes all over your clothes, in your car and in your home are pretty disgusting.
  • Have you ever seen a communal ashtray filled to the brim?

If these filthy factors aren’t enough to get a person to stop smoking, then maybe all the health related factors might like lung cancer, increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke, just to name a few.

2. Picking and Flicking

For some odd reason, many men enjoy the sensation of picking their noses rather than grabbing a tissue instead. Making matters worse, they enjoy leaving these little nasal treasures in the most disgusting places like on bathroom walls, under desks and even on other people as a practical joke that only they find humorous. The fact of the matter is, the majority of the world finds it disgusting, and to complain that there is no other method of removal is ludicrous. Men guilty of this habit should just grab a tissue and be done with their nose digging; maybe then they’ll avoid those random nose bleeds.

3. Ignoring the Soap

If women around the world knew just how many men were guilty of ignoring soap in the bathroom, they’d be less inclined to shake hands. While many men have taken up the cleanly ritual to rinse, lather, then rinse and dry their hands out of fear of potential sickness and diseases like the flu, some are still guilty of only performing the “rinsing” part when they wash their hands. Even worse, some men still don’t wash their hands at all! Oh, and ignoring the soap is not okay in the shower either; no, shampooing alone isn’t enough.

4. Poor Oral Hygiene

Another filthy habit men need to avoid is neglecting their teeth with poor oral hygiene; just because your breath tastes minty fresh, doesn’t mean it really is. Those guilty of this disgusting habit cannot be held entirely at fault, they just don’t know how to brush their teeth properly. Some men often neglect brushing behind their teeth, brushing their tongue, investing in good mouthwash and brushing their gums. And what about flossing? Forget it because these guys are usually in a rush. If time is a factor in your regular morning and nightly ritual, at least invest some money in an electric toothbrush.

5. Long Fingernails

The thing that makes growing long fingernails a filthy habit for men is the fact that men tend to catch all kinds of wonders in them. And if a man with long fingernails is guilty of filthy habit # 2, then that’s a whole new level of disgusting. It’s amazing what kind of dirt and debris can get caught under a man’s long fingernail. Perhaps if he wanted to retrace his steps for the day, he could simply do so by exploring the inner-workings of the underside of his long fingernails:

  • Soil – a morning spent doing yard work.
  • Barbeque sauce – lunch.
  • Sand – afternoon recreation at the beach.
  • Dried nasal mucus – evening recreation on the drive home from the beach.
  • Vanilla frosting – dessert after dinner.

6. Neglecting Your Feet

It shouldn’t be a big surprise as to why men tend to neglect their feet, just think about the stench that accompanies the removal of their shoes and socks. Crusty soles as rough as sand paper, toenails as long as the claws of a Velociraptor and the peculiar residue around the feet, commonly known as toe jam, are the end result of a man who doesn’t properly care for his feet. Perhaps if their feet were always hiding in their shoes and socks, no one would mind. But eventually, those puppies need to breathe, and if you don’t want your new lady-friend to catch a glimpse of your troll-feet, stop neglecting them.

7. Massive B.O.

Men tend to carry this reputation of being foul-smelling. Perhaps this is due to excessive sweat, an allergic reaction to deodorant, or some other factor completely out of their control. Whatever the case may be, these men need to somehow realize that their bodily smell isn’t a pleasant one, and they should take any means necessary to rectify the situation. They must do this for the sake of any person they must share a bus, plane or train ride with, for every person who sits in their vicinity at the movie theater, for every person they work or go to school with, and for their loved ones.

by Susan Floyd


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