Is your partner unfaithful?

Are you convinced your partner knows the relationship is monogamous?

Think again. A survey of 434 young couples found 40% thought different things.

One partner insisted they’d agreed to be faithful while the other denied ever having had the conversation.

Lies, lies, lies. We all lie. Even if they’re little ones. And most of the time it’s so we don’t hurt the other’s feelings. Or maybe it’s because even though you’re in a perfectly good and healthy relationship, you still like to be independent. You might just have gone down to the shops to buy some ice-cream, but you promised your partner that you were going to lay off the ice-cream brecause you’ve put on a few kilos.

But lying is that simple. Some partners smother you so much that it becomes so unbearable that you can’t even piss without being asked where you’ve been.

So here it is. If you think your partner has been unfaithful, then they probably have. But it doesn’t matter if they haven’t…because in your own head, they have.

Know what you want from a relationship…know who you are.

by Susan Floyd


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