How young is too young?

A former co-worker came by with his new girlfriend. This was how she was introduced, not inferred. Her lip was pierced, she spoke in up-speak and I think she was wearing pajamas.

Probably not, but she sure looked comfortable.

To be honest, I really wasn’t paying much attention to her. Former co-worker looked happy. He’s a couple of years into his thirties and he looked like he grabbed five years back from his life. It seems to be a male characteristic for the rebound girl to be incredibly young and seemingly socially inappropriate.

Applying the same theory to my own situation, the last thing I’d want is a boy of 21 or 22. I think of who I dated when I was that young and I wasn’t amused then, why would I be now? Was the sex that great? Nope…fascinating conversation? You mean when they weren’t drunk or high? Not even then.
There doesn’t seem to be an upside for a woman to have a younger man. Sex is way better now than it ever was. I’m not carrying anyone home. I’m not jumping into the middle of testosterone filled bar fights. So why am I bothered?
I will never be that girl again. I’m in a no-man’s land of what I want and what’s available.
I’m off to the gym and clear out the headspace a little. I told a friend once, I’ll leave the pretty to the pretty girls. Pretty is not the goal. It’s never been a goal. I’m shooting for sane and maybe not braining anyone with a blunt object.
by Susan Floyd

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