How to REALLY satisfy your boyfriend

There’s nothing wrong, or nothing stopping you satisfying your boyfriend for a weekend.

1. The second he comes home from work on Friday night, put a drink in his hand. Serve him comfort food.  shoulder massage while he watches what he wants on telly. Then let him drift off to sleep with no sex…so he’s nice and rested for the next day’s agenda. Which is…

2. A full body massage with oil and fluffy towels after breakfast. You dressed in high heels, sexy knickers and push-up bra. But he can’t touch you. It’s all about the tease…until late afternoon when you ‘treat him’.

3. An hour long sex session with you in charge. He then gets to choose the takeaway and hog the remote.

4. Take him lingerie shopping. Get him to help you choose some garments.

5. Take him home for a passionate quickie then start cooking dinner wearing just his shirt with only one button fastened. Bet you burn the lot. Also bet you now win the Best Girlfriend or Wife Ever Award.

by Susan Floyd


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