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Have sex at least once a week

Want to know the single most effective way to improve your sex life?

Have sex at least once a week. It sounds simple but millions of couples aren’t doing it.

Go without sex for long periods and your natural testosterone level falls. Doing it once a week puts you back on track…and also reminds you of what you’ve been┬ámissing.

by Susan Floyd

I am the editor I am an editor Don't know what I want but I know how to get it I wanna destroy a burger and fries


  1. Don’t know about masterbaution Neetesh. Why don’t you try masterbation instead. You could even try wanking.

  2. i want my cousin to have sex with me.she is rejecting me.i dont know how to express my feelings to her.please help me

  3. sanyasisetty, write to our Agony Angels, Woosy Balaska and Lily Wright. They’re very good listeners. I’m sure they’ll lend a helping hand.

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