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Give your partner a chance but don’t let them take the piss

Instantly implement all of the following and watch your relationship blossom.

1. Understand and enjoy the differences between you, rather than try to turn your partner into a mini-me.

2. Treat your partner the way you treat your friends. We wouldn’t dream of speaking to friends the way we do our partners. Have some manners.

3. Don’t try to change the other person. Don’t play the ‘if only’ game. If only they were kinder, richer, happier, had more hair, bigger breasts. We can’t change other people. All we can change is our reaction to them.

4. Make your own rules. You’re unique, so is your partner and your relationship.People like me can rattle on but only you two know what works for you.

And of course…if you are too subservient, some will take the piss out of you. So my final advice is, if you follow all of the above, or if they really aren’t what you like about a person, then dump them…move on.

by Susan Floyd

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