Drink beer…and you’ll have sex on a first date

Want to know if your date will have sex on the first date? There’s one way to find out – ask if they like beer.

Interested in a long-term relationship? Find out if they would like to live on a boat or enjoy horror films.

These are the surprisingly simple questions that can tell you the most about a potential partner, according to the founder of a dating website.

Fancy a pint? People who drink beer are 60 per cent more likely to have casual sex, the dating site’s data revealed. Both men and women who enjoy a pint are 60 per cent more likely to sleep with someone early in a relationship, statistics show.

This applies to both gay and straight people, according to Christian Rudder, a Harvard graduate who set up dating website OKCupid.

After analysing the profiles and interactions of hundreds of millions of users, Mr Rudder found that beer-drinking was the most useful indicator of whether people are likely to have casual sex.


Only the ‘beer test’ works to predict a woman’s possible interest in casual sex, according to the OKCupid data, but the site claimed these also work for men.

If they say yes, these are the implied odds of first-date sex:

1) In a certain light, wouldn’t nuclear war be exciting? 82%

2) Assuming you were in the position to do so, would you launch nuclear weapons under any circumstances? 82%

3) Could you imagine yourself killing someone? 82%

He also found the three questions that best predicted whether couples would actually go on to have a long-term relationship.

While many people thought the best questions to ask would be about someone’s views on sex, smoking and God, he found that you could predict compatibility more than twice as well by asking these three questions:

1) Wouldn’t it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat?

2) Do you like horror movies? 

3) Have you ever travelled around another country alone?

The data suggests that compatibility on sensation-seeking may be even more important than more obvious compatibility testers such a date’s opinion on religion, sex, and smoking.

The maths graduate also looked at how a woman’s way of describing her body correlates with self-confidence and sex drive.

He discovered that woman’s sex drive rises dramatically until her late 30s, then drops just as dramatically, whereas her self-confidence steadily rises with age. 

Women who said they were ‘curvy’ were more interested in sex, and more self-confident, than women who said they were ‘skinny’ – a trend that applies across all ages.

His blog also contains graphs that show that women who don’t like exercise are twice as likely to have trouble achieving orgasm than women who do; that frequent tweeters have shorter real-life relationships than everyone else; and that people living in richer areas are more likely to want casual sex.

by Susan Floyd


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