Do you know if your other half is a potential cheat?

He’s more likely to cheat if:


1. You earn more than he does – Men who are dependent on their partners for money are five times more likely to cheat.

2. He doesn’t like your family or friends – He’s more likely to stay faithful if he doesn’t want to lose their respect.

She’s more likely to cheat if:

1. She works long hours – If she spends less than 10 % with you, there’s a 1 in 10 chance that she’ll cheat.

2. One or both of her parents has an affair – Not only is there definite evidence of a genetic link to infidelity, but women often react to a parent cheating by being unfaithful themselves.

You’re both more likely to cheat if:

1. You move in before getting married – Those who live together but don’t marry are up to 40% more likely to be unfaithful than those who tie the knot first.

2. You live in the country – A website for people wanting an affair revealed most users live in rural areas.

3. You’re addicted to social networking – One in five divorces blame Facebook as the reason.

by Susan Floyd


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