Snoozing squirrel joins Facebook planking craze

The infectious Facebook ‘planking’ craze looks to be gathering pace, as even the animal kingdom’s now joining in – thanks to this cute little squirrel captured by a wildlife photographer.

Eagle-eyed snapper Joanne Williams set out to capture the quirky side of wildlife behaviour – and got more than she bargained for when the on-trend nut-gatherer showed he was right up to speed with social media.

The ‘plank’ would have gone unnoticed were it not for Ms Williams, who says she spontaneously hits the trigger of her camera hoping to catch the animals out.

‘Very often I shoot spontaneously and quickly with little fore-thought, as most of the time my subjects move at great speed and the action would be over if I stopped to think why or if I should I take it,’ the Florida-based photographer said.

‘But there is one common thread in a lot of my work, which is my deliberate act of ‘humanising’ much of what I see – usually with a great deal of humour associated with the whole scene.

‘I often recognise the conduct of some wildlife critter as similar to that of a relative, friend, or business associate – even a politician or movie star.’

Ms Williams’ other work includes a bird checking himself out in a car’s rear view mirror, a monkey making a rude gesture at the camera, and an owl looking mighty confused by turning its head upside down.


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