Predictions for 2011

We all have the ability to see into the future.

Unfortunately we chose to hide our abilities for fear of appearing different.

2011 will see a year of the most historic changes in our climate.

The largest earthquakes, the driest and wettest periods since records were listed. High winds and deep snow drifts followed by heavy rain falls and flooding.

Politicians will be exposed in scandals, and Royals will have a year of sadness. Pop and Film stars will continue to behave badly and drugs will once again claim lives. Some of our best actors will be lost to us on the screen.

Flu strains will be hard to control. There will be medical breakthroughs especially in cancer and life threatening diseases. Improvements in climate control especially relating to cars and emissions will be exciting this year.

The goodwill of so many people will help to raise awareness of the desperate dangers to children in today’s world. Money and law changes will enable criminals to be tracked and sentenced for crimes against the young.

Sport will have super stars setting new amazing records, and television will see a revival in entertainment…not reality shows.

The laws relating to same sex marriages will lead to violent outbreaks and a backlash against religions. Christianity will have a great surprise later in the year leading to a stronger belief in God.

Russia will join with western countries to attempt peace in the Middle East, but there is danger and anger which communication may not be able to contain.

The recession is not over this year, but the end is in sight and China can help control a damaging excess in the market.

Over the next year there will be great successes, and a few surprises but for the majority we can be happy and look at improvements to our health.

Look for peace, especially if the politicians can remain conservative.

Remember to help the children.

by Helena Bryanlith

Peace to the world and joy to everyone regardless of creed.


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